Ship Recycling IndustriesAssociation (India)

Ship Recycling Industries Association (India) is an organisation established for the welfare of ship recycling activity in India. It safeguards the rights of its member ship recyclers and ensures safe and eco-friendly recycling activity.


About US

Leading the industry to re-establish itself with improved infrastructure and better environment and safety standards. The industry is looking forward to have a new look ship-recycling yard at Alang in coming years.

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Our Mission

To safeguard the member’s rights.To ensure that adequate safety standards are adopted by the member units.To arrange for training programs to enhance the ability of the workers
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About Alang

Ship Recycling is the process of dismantling a vessel’s structure for scrapping or disposal whether conducted at a beach, pier, dry dock or dismantling slip. It includes a wide range of activities, from removing all gear and equipment to cutting down and recycling the ship’s infrastructure.

Old ships that are no longer capable of plying or those that have such high maintenance costs that it is more economical to scrap them are usually sold to ship-recyclers. These vessels incur expenses such as port charges, crew salaries and oil consumption cost. Thus they become a burden to the shipping companies. And the only safe and economic way of getting rid of such vessels is a systematic recycling.

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Great Alang Bazaar


The Alang Bazaar is the most unique bazaar providing everything from consumer to industrial goods procured from the vessels arrived at Alang. It can be best described as the world of aladin fulfilling all wishes of the people. There are shops under huge tents selling everything a city needs. The ships arrived for recycling at Alang were once alive and the whole vibrant city contained in it, is now for sale in this bazaar.

We have rows of kitchen and domestic appliances, kitchen machinery, office and home furniture, photos, lamp shades, plastic buckets, toilet sets, bathroom fittings, mirrors of all dimensions, cupboards and sideboards, crockery and cutlery, flower pots and pot holders, used tyres, used cables, steel pipes, nuts and bolts, screws, electric motors, bulbs and light fittings, wood, partition sheets and even life boats. Weighing scales are everywhere as these items listed above are sold by the weight. The rates are very nominal and cheap.

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