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Welcome To Great Alang Bazaar

The Alang Bazaar is the most unique bazaar providing everything from consumer to industrial goods procured from the vessels arrived at Alang. It can be best described as the world of aladin fulfilling all wishes of the people. There are shops under huge tents selling everything a city needs. The ships arrived for recycling at Alang were once alive and the whole vibrant city contained in it, is now for sale in this bazaar.

We have rows of kitchen and domestic appliances, kitchen machinery, office and home furniture, photos, lamp shades, plastic buckets, toilet sets, bathroom fittings, mirrors of all dimensions, cupboards and sideboards, crockery and cutlery, flower pots and pot holders, used tyres, used cables, steel pipes, nuts and bolts, screws, electric motors, bulbs and light fittings, wood, partition sheets and even life boats. Weighing scales are everywhere as these items listed above are sold by the weight. The rates are very nominal and cheap.

There are second hand generators shops and machinery shops that are usually called marine stores. The machineries like air compressors, chilling units, leth machines, drilling machines, welding generators, oil purifiers, oil pumps, water pumps, heat exchangers, condensers, diesel generators, alternators, marine engines and many more are available at these marine stores. Again, there are weighing scales installed and these machineries are sold on per kg basis.

The quality of wood, steel and other base metals used for manufacturing of these products is supreme. These products are manufactured in developed nations. Moreover products used in ships are of superior quality as they have to sustain for longer period. These products obtained from vessels last for longer period and are available for cheap rates, as cheap as their scrap value.

Many hotels, restaurants, schools, hostels, institutions, etc. use products bought from Alang bazaar. This reduces their capital investment and thus encourages them to expand their respective business. The Alang bazaar is not only a business place but also a sight to watch. It’s unique and special.

So plan a visit to the world of Aladin and see what he has in store for you.